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Related article: Date : Fri, August 13, 2010 October 59th 0100 30 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 56 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to Top 100 Lolita change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** And again the next chapter in the way, watch this space ! ********************** ********************** ****** ********************** ********************** ***** Chapter 56 - I see something, anything.. From a distance, also called each other have been valued by Tom and never enter likely to talk about their lives, or who have discovered that live almost in a parallel universe. They were insatiable and ever attempt to determineIn fact, youth sexual athletes. no for the first time in a day two had undergone a intense sexual encounter, which was preceded by many hours of the night intense expectation, incredible imagination and constant self-abuse. The result end of all their hard work was not very difficult to predict, even unless, of course, too! It might have felt sexual satisfaction, but the disadvantage was that the high intensity of his works had left weak physically and mentally. was a half-hour s good in the relative darkness of the shed dusty for the three children to finally come and untangle themselves from their drenched cum underwear. Ian was the first to see that their problems were now only the beginning, a chill ran down his spine at the thought of Ian, meticulously ordered his mother took him dressed as he was. It was not Nigel long to see who can be good, but the task is n be looked vaguely RESPECTBLE begun to try something of an impossibility. Dust and dirt accumulated over many years in the shed old man had sticky seeds, which had spread so happily stuck round. Most seemed that the boy is smeared generously on your clothes and all that seemed to touch. Despite his misgivings, it seemed as if Ian, who is usually very appearance n it carefully for the cleanest exhaust three. Especially since, unlike the others who had folded his clothes and kept that of the earth as he undressed to change the soiled underwear. Nigel had several patches of dust clinging to his pants and was n fervently hoped that her mother would be when I get home, could change fast. They also had another advantage over the art, having were provided with the soiled underwear to use for the big event. what in a position to change the underwear was a huge advantage because it eliminates the source the smell and allowed at least feel ComforMesa. the strong option for art, even wearing it or go home without it. Sorry for art, was so exhausted that he had been freed from below by Nigel Ian, who was not so rosy the image. Exhausted and more or less flattened in the wooden floor, which had acted as a magnet in the seeds of solidification and the dirt hit the ground. Sperm absolutely sweet and dotted land was very bad, to make matters worse, when Nigel had accidentally ejaculated the Top 100 Lolita head of his s, dirt and the seeds were in his face and hair. The writings that n had the dirty work that had arrived and was then stretched, broken and impregnated with semen from everyone. Nigel more questioning view of art. According to their different sexual encounters Top 100 Lolita and adventures that he had seen in some pretty messy situations and terribly n. This time was different, physically look really awful art , not just in terms of clothes, like his wise grandmother SeaGHT have said it well and truly burned the candle at both ends. " What are you doing baby? " Said Nigel as art moved into the sunlight, " the shit! You look horrible bloody art. " "I feel horrible shit. " replied type of sound surprisingly very down and certainly not his own rebound usual. " Now you can not fuck with that aspect home. " Nigel was falling in Big Brother way. "Fuck, how we will clean, you need a bleeding hose down! " "Okay, we are on the road can be ordered. " Ian looked into the corner n. " Nige, bloody hell, eh ? " new support in the wall, stained glass art hanging from the shirt informal shoulders, just waiting, outrageous, cum stained panties. The bulbous head of his cock now limp broken leg looked opening, a drop of sperm hung lonely, seemingly suspended in the mid-air. " Nige WoT is wrong with me ? " "I 'd fucking kill you ! When I saw how yer floppy dick me! " Nigel smiledrd punched him playfully. "I think.. the truth is that that you fuckin ' do about it. Perhaps we all have. " " I think in this yer. WoT with yesterday. " Smiled a gentle smile, that s still that magic, at least. " Ian, I think I have to Top 100 Lolita get home to rest a little. " If Ian Nigel had mistaken a tear in his eye. Perhaps they had done all in it, the art was safe. "right. " Said Ian, but deliberately, trying not to show any emotion own. "Um.. " " To begin with, would we want to rise pants, you can not fucking take it or ` smell in the house! "Nigel stood before him. "Ian, who kept n and I'll try to get ' em off, no more than this damn viscous material in me. " N "You're damn lucky, most anyway " He managed to type smile. "Be careful, it could be - because I believe that Ian gave me away WOT now, too! " " Oh, shit ! You do not have to tell me that! " Nigel saw art and n shook his head. "You're a dirty bastard ! " " No, I wasone, which was the dirty bastard ! "Art just smiled, his voice now began to crumble. " But... I thank yer shit here. " the audience that Ian also started to feel a little teary-eyed, the link between art and Nigel was so incredibly strong, almost tangible. Ever additional, as Nigel noted, provisional came and put a hand on a Art on the shoulder to stabilize it on Art and a brief fraction of a seconds attention. "Thank you. " He muttered, before looking away. With these words, not an emotional distance for more Ian remain moving n the right foot beside him, hanging from a total fixed arm to the shoulders o art was surprised that suddenly looked around. "You have two s really helped me. "Ian stammered. " Oh shit! Damn.. fuck.. fuck! No, no, you too! "It was all that n always much. Once the eye has lost all contact and ask what all the fuss is Nigel got up to see Ian dried quickly to the back your hand in the face of s. " Oh, no.. fucking hell... Ian, not you too! " " There will be two... "Ian still avoid eye contact," came to me. Oh, I do not know shit, I'm all up! dirty " " You think you're fucking mess! Have you seen me WOT n pants! "Art did a short laugh. Nigel closed his eyes and put his arms wrapped two and pulled hard. " bastards "was the voice Nelson hesitant and now " you know, I s can` t handle this damn emotional! Shit ! Shit ! ? " " So I want WOT now then Nige, why keep us well, " croaked the art, is the running despite the tears on her face, her still managed to produce n win a smile: "There is a Circle Jerk is bleeding ? " not far is n exciting in the deep, dark forests. " If there is more there should be no problems. "Jimmy said, laughing in of seizures. " Fuck you ! It's my fucking pants are too tight and not let down!rebel on his cock. " Anyway, just keep going, cause I'm close. " Smiling happy with page Jimmy Brian spitting on his hands and wrapped around his cock again, the heads of bright red from the constant activity. "I could do. " " If we can cum together n " Brian smiled and then looked at the little drops of precum at the end of your urine slit. "It's hard for me to share sleeping.. I mean, it's good innit yer do it, how you can do yer ass and can not? I know he is my brother, and that, but.. " " Oh... oh, I'm close... " Jimmy 's hand visibly accelerating, " Bri, please cum me. " " fun innit, sitting here masturbating together! "Brian leaned over and saw a Jimmy blurred hand. "You'll fucking some, for how long? " " Not much. " Said Jimmy breath. "I'm still thinking about Alex and Mart cor, that excited me. " " And I, sad that was broken, and had to give! " Said Brian pulling heavy. "Hey, you've got yer shorts anyway, So yer knees I'll try to suck the last one for you! " This Jimmy dropped his tail, which immediately vibrated as you Excited dragged to kneel in front of Brian, seemed to have been reduced y, presumably to try to keep new for a few seconds, so that that together they could cum. Brian quickly lined up member Jimmy escapes, and then closed his eyes and leaned forward, his lips around the hard board axis. not a moment too soon even if its wet lips closed around Jimmy began burning hot delicious experience his release, he began a short wait at the mouth of Brian. \\ \\ n with Jimmy so close, Brian desperately want to finish him off and pull the tail of the leg of his pants and began rubbing it as hard as s you can. No doubt, had the desired effect and thus as he felt his cock throbbing Jimmy to his lips, Brian could feel now its own fast building to his second orgasm Aftern. mechanical bending oon the back in preparation for the climax, he sucked so hard on the tail of Jimmy, , he was sure that it actually forced the sense of the seed to n with the fleshy tube. "Brian... " The voice sounded familiar, yet somehow quite tense. Whoever it was would have to wait, because neither he nor Jimmy could stop now, even if they wanted. Could Jimmy seed first drop hit the back of the throat of Brian, I tried sweet, almost like its own pre-cum, who was also on the rare occasions produce all! Brian 's tail, tender with the recent attention time Commending Jimmy crack, and slowly leaked another bubble the end. "Brian..... please help me ! " This voice. The spell was broken. Brian immediately opened his eyes, squinted in the sunlight only once in shock when he avoided n centered in the eyes of his younger brother, Robbie. Naked from the waist down, he was firmly against the collar of his placestriped shirt by David that was on him like a big-game hunters to kill one. " WOT WOT... fuck ! " Confused, Brian was not sure what to say or do. Robbie, what he did, and almost naked to immediate thoughts were so far is Brian, before Jimmy, are physical function were completely out of control sperm sent two strings by the hot air to blow Brian 's face and Top 100 Lolita the earth blue shirt. Taken by surprise Brian had its own tail that disappeared immediately back panties in underpants where continued is load transfer sticky n both shorts and underwear. "Please... Brian... no seriously! " Joe Barry had suspended virtually of his collar with his legs nearly off the ground. " Do not fucking say? WOT is screwed then," said Joe. "Well, " meant bitch about five minutes, when he had his game mates ass! "It Brian speaks, really did not know whether to laugh or mourn. A equilibrium, laugh well, but did not dare. Now ! Robbie first n was in need of a lesson after his recovery and for all your interest earned intrusive in the life of Brian 's solo sex. "Brian, you know 'em, then?" Asked David sounded a little confused, Robbie launched shorts and underwear on the floor. Brian said Robbie and gave him a withering look. "Oh yes, very good. Shit is Robbie, my little brother !" Looked petrified worse than Robbie, who has never heard anything Brian n with such venom before. Biting his lips, legs pinched together, as , but it was wet ! N "Y", said Brian Barry continued, "his best friend Barry. 're Always playing with each other. It is not Robbie? " Robbie opened his mouth but did not go no. " And, that is," said Brian. "That's why he has no pants, , then? Robbie nodded his head in shame crimson. N " He should go home as well ! "Said Jimmy. " no. No... no.. "Robbie seemed like I was about to burst into tears, " I want.. I want.. " " Bollocks mate WOT about you and can have short and I'll have yer yer pants ! If "damn nothing to discuss! " Smiled Jimmy and pulled his shorts, without hesitation and Brief makes the queue until the spring, though not well equipped for his age, that is still large enough compared to the two prisoners. "You can see this, maybe a little cramped and a bit of bad taste! "Laughter threw on Robbie turned to pick up the grass, looked at the label. " WOT.. WOT mother said : " blinking back tears Robbie was , in any case a happy bunny. " ? Robbie could not fucking care! "Said Brian. " Tell her, confiscated some nude 'children do, who were caught spying ' n em, and that already assigned 'em Barry can play with yer ass! " Robbie winced and looked at the equally unfortunate rabbit moral Barry support. Barry was not a feelingng much better and was very concerned what happened to them. "Tell him that you took the bad in the locker room !" Said Martin have been useful, eagerly listening and very curious to play in the new developing a series of even younger children ! "Damn, San Miguel and look as if they are fit ! His mother not going to like my Woollie then, right? " Jimmy looked up from the label , put it on and smiled. "Perfect ! Something is finally set to" " Nice kip " asked David turned to Martin. " Yer, I've done about it. " Said Martin anxiously friends s are young and left him. "Tom and Alex have come round yet? " " No, semen, but not" Joe said, laughing. " I think the truth is that we have n all fucked up. It feels like we do for the day, I n 'm really fucked up and wants to go to bed. " " Hey You" David Robbie shook, "if we are that two little wanker you try not to flee ?Forget know who you are now, right? " " no. No.. "Robbie was scared to death with clarity," WOT we are going to do with us? " " No idea, " Joe said with a smile, " maybe play with yer ass ! " " Wot! "Robbie yelled eyes open. " Oh, shut up! "Jimmy went to Barry. " Let him go now Joe Nothing is true ? " "No! "Barry looked as nervous as Robbie. " Turn around, I'm not going to hurt you. " Barry asked again slowly, which Jimmy had in mind. Jimmy knew exactly what went through my head and looked at the other, gently rub the palm of the hand all short white Barry, following the. your line slip below Meter Jimmy Barry back gently asked, " Hey, this is not the type of wot reports that all are you using? White are not you? " " Uumm.. "Barry knew that mother was not the standard problem Y- Front, which were much nicer. Above all, the color, which is the envy of their peers in the locker room. Was properlyproud of them. " Well, never mind. " Jimmy seductively ran her hands around the neck of the thin , white shorts. Relieved that the problem does not seem so Barry had not relaxed to the point where he met Jimmy touch the light to be very sensual. It could be the cock began to decrease, as the only answer it. know each other, Jimmy's love for other children's Top 100 Lolita underwear immediately guessed what he wanted, and she quickly called him the movement to give Robbie and Barry. After much whispering, while the Robbie and Barry made ​​it feel even more nervous Jimmy returned to his unfortunate prey. It seemed perfect, self-punishment in a way so that two children believe it would be totally embarrassed, plus a little luck, n may have lost his underwear, to explain his mothers. In general, an appropriate price for children under two charges. " Do you see Barry, Barry ' tis innit ?" Jimmy said as he ran behind gently ov handshis butt. ' Barry, yer. " " See Barry, WOT I said, well no matter if it is not problem, I replied. " "Oh that, "Barry was confused," HHMM.. so.. " " so whatever. behold, ` because I'm with yer pants anyway! " this Jimmy moved quickly to leave the white pants Barry stayed Top 100 Lolita in white bikini underwear with the significant part of the growing erection. "bits of children lumps !" Said Joe, the next, turned, bent, n and then rolled intentionally pushes what he imagined was Barry tail between the thumb and index. " Du du bas..... " ' Naughty. Do not curse. "Said Brian break and walk through. " Or it could be Jimmy n yer shorts looking so good ! " " right. "Said David. " Look, you two could go home so no clothes.. What accounts for the mummy ? " trembling at the thought of all, Barry, it was useless, and that n is their own fault. He was also, as he explained to her mother s who had lost a pair new underwear on a Sunday afternoon ! " Well, first of all, Barry," said Brian, kneeling before him, " I take yer pants down " because I've always wondered what in them! " This brought a wave of laughter. Brian began a smile draws them, as n slowly and deliberately, as he could, finally, semi- erect Barry suspend from the tap. Raise legs Barry while Brian threw a baby undressed is Jimmy, who was just inside and explained that written BHS n were good enough for him " Well, that's Robbie WOT is then ? whole, " said Brian. provisionally He touched his head Barry 's cock, she jumped. nods, Barry was red with shame Robbie. Why had n always convinced going to see, first, it , which is now n "Now go and look, we see," said Joe, hopefully, as if went to Barry. could be " I'll rub to be difficult, if you want ! " " No... please.. no.. no.. " Barry have no answerOT has been very audible, but he was sure that his troubled to hear the heartbeat. His cock was literally just was reduced to the size of an acorn. His legs were as smooth, the n ot what was expected. Robbie legs had given up, he and gradually sank to the bottom to open and swallow prayed two. Brian leaned back and whispered to David, Joe and Jimmy. "You two," said Joe, "Now, WOT We want to know how to observe, is us. " Barry was Robbie, Robbie was Barry. Captive. ".. I know I've heard," Robbie tried to clear his throat nervously, "if was with Tom in the garden the other day. " ".. But I have not seen. "Brian looked surprised. "They were inside the house ". " No, I was not. " Robbie swallowed hard. " I suspected there was something, so that n hiding.. hiding in the bushes behind the barn and heard! " " Damn Wot A little spy we have here! " David began to laugh. "Junior James Fuckin ' Bond, you do not have anythingHe has for you ? " " In addition to his damn underwear! , "Joked Joe, and that s dissolves in laughter. " What we all laugh at you ? "Tom sat down slowly, and saw Martin around dazed. " Who the fuck is that ? " " We thought it was fucking dead! "Said Martin with a smile, he put an arm on the n Tom 's shoulder. " Are you okay? "N " I think I feel so fucking terrible. "Tom turned and looked at Alex," right? Give it a push. " Use short-lived to come to Alex, like Tom and Martin was just full of energy after their sexual performance crippling n. No the opportunity to tidy n even before to sit in its various states cum soaked clothes off and told David, visitors n. "Hey, I did. I've seen in school. "Said Tom seem to awaken a bits, suddenly, Barry said. " The first year. "Barry nodded nervously and then saw Martin. " He's a friend of art is not it? " " WOT? How do you know ? "That's really Martin was surprisedHe sat vertical. " I saw you with him in his class. " ".. But, how do you know him then? " Asked Martin. ", I found a straw in the swamp one afternoon and he showed me how to do s right," Barry said with pride. "He put a finger in my ass and then injected his stuff everywhere! " The boys laughed thought it was funny, I had to break the effect of tensions and even Robbie and Barry felt a little happier n. Although Martin the world thought he was very concerned that the details of his exploits with much younger children begin to circulate around the school or to major problems. " How long was it?" Said Martin. "weeks not long something like that. " Barry began, sound more confident. " Yer, I do not remember.. no pants, but I liked it! " " Cor, no pants ? " Joe looked at the idea of going to school enthusiastic similar. "Why do you have, like you, then special or what? " Brian said. Top 100 Lolita " ` Because it was like blue. . " It reduced its current plight s hand, " as well as white, which had to... " " prick luck, "said Joe thought of his mother written Aertex had recently purchased. " does not matter. "Jimmy smiled. " I'm an idiot yer white for you! " " Hey, now two, " interrupted Martin took more aggressive action n and told the boy: " Now, if you do something about what you hear you have seen and heard today These days, you are fucking dead. Do you understand ? if of this word comes, it'll be fucking dead. Got it? Well, I swear I will not tell anyone at the moment. " " We're not saying a word. No, I swear to be honest.. We should not be us? "Barry n and Robbie looked at each other, who was fucking the words " dead ", n instead of your attention. " so that you have! "Said David Martin, and the pursuit of winks. " Someone I had to say ` I spose. " " Hey, one more thing. "Brian said: " Robbie, you know, when my father says, , as it did and that's the end, say it is, what wasis the past and should continue. " " Yer. "Robbie nodded, not knowing about the point where Brian is. " WOT I mean is that I think you and Barry were not punished the guilty enough that, as I am concerned this issue is over. Right to do way? " " Yer, I think that's fair. Like, " Joe said, he looked around. " Do you agree ? " all nodded. Barry saw Robbie and gave a weak smile. " The fact is, "said Brian," I know that I can offer WOT yer me Little Willie one night! " " Do you mean that? "Asked Robbie, not knowing whether he had heard right. " Yer, you may have to Barry for a slumber party too! "Brian smiled. " Truth? It's not a joke? " " Brian, are you fucking pervert! "Said David, laughing. Robbie Brian smiled and replied, " You have to clarify overnight yer find out. It is best to wait until my father finished fourth yer, but up. "N " I wish I had a brother like him! " Muttered David. " right. They're fucking lucky to have Brian. "Joe Robbie added views. " ` I spSun ose "said Robbie sounds very contrite, even saw Barry over again. They both knew that, thanks to Brian lucky escape Top 100 Lolita not sexually or otherwise assaulted. " Uumm.. I would know that. HHMM say.. "Barry moved his feet and saw the ground, then joined Robbie in hesitantly, " Well, I think Unfortunately, we have found in you.. Robbie is not it? " Robbie nodded desperately. " YER... yer... we are. " " We are not ! " David corrected. " You're lucky if they had some of the n to have other children who had beaten seven bells of shit out of you. " " We know that. "Barry agreed. " But... But we could have shorts return? " " Well yer, but I still keep yer pants ! "Said Jimmy smiled. " I'll take that then. "Robbie finally smiled. Perhaps Jimmy writings of interest, after all. N " It's fucked up to do, unless you tell Mom ! "Brian laughed. " But I remember him saying WOT as well, " Martin said looking sternly, ", so when I learned thatdid not say anything about it, I'm yer balls Pull one at a time ! " " Mart, you have a way with words ! "Said David. " Fuck you ! " Martin smiled. " Hey now, then two, before you can get yer shorts and I did a test back to you, come here. " No one knew what Martin had in mind, though the ominous bulge in his writings s was something of a track. Exhausted despite almost the following afternoon, sexually charged romp high , was determined to of n most of his time with the younger guys and had a final fantasy act. "Well, WOT test " asked Robbie walking carefully in the direction Martin. " You'll do anything for us? "Barry seemed nervous when stopped n behind Robbie. " No, you want me to Top 100 Lolita do something! "Is Martin back into the lawn. His trousers pulled Since the invasion Tom Alex before and was still wearing shorts. As bit small for him the outline of his cock very was erect excited n visibleseeds soaked through the thin cotton. " to see the children, Tom and I changed pants after we both cum on 'em, and it seems that of justice that we have our own pants again. Do not you think ? "N " Yer do not know..... I ` spose so. " or Barry or Robbie could not retreat from the view of Martin 's underwear, tension of his muscles, which made packages brought a sharp intake of breath s Barry. ", but... but.. what is the evidence? " Said Robbie, who needed not to look down, only knew that his own cock now moved. " Everyone is going to look and see if the two can change your pants again, without n it is always hard ! " *********** ** ************************************* *********** ** *** Chapter 57 to follow
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